Monday, August 04, 2008

Mini Getaway Weekend

Hubby and I spent the a night at my favourite resort - The Sentosa last saturday. We both thoroughly enjoyed the mini getaway. It started with a stressful drive into Sentosa (always stressful when I try to navigate and Stu doesnt trust a word of what I instruct). Thankfully, the bickering ended the moment we stepped into the hotel lobby. There was no queue in sight (as opposed to Rasa Sentosa where a long queue is always guaranteed), I got checked in even before Stu got the car parked. They put us in a beautiful room at the top level. I got excited with the bathroom and Aveda toiletries, whereas Stu was marvelling at the 42-inch plasma TV.

Took a good half hr before we calmed down and decided we were starving. Decked in my new fire engine red preggie swimming outfit (a set of VERY expensive Seafolly tankini & bikini shorts), we sauntered down to The Terrace. I had hearty cod & chips, Stu had healthy salmon wrap. We alternated lunch with cool dips in the black pool and some weird drinks (I had a Veggie Tornado - a virgin-mary-like drink which came decorated with a fresh prawn).

After lunch and many cool dips later, a buggy brought us to Spa Botanica, where I had a facial so relaxing that I snored while having my face massaged. Stu had an east-weat blend massage and he caught himself snoring 7 times. After our treatments, we lazed around the pool, Stu caught the last rays of the sun while I played with mud. For those who have never been there, they have a mud pool. U can slather yourselves silly with the mud (which smells real nice, I swear), lie in the sun to bake, and wash it all off with the rain shower, leaving your skin smooth and silky and cleansed and rejuvenated.

It's funny how quickly dinner time came round. We wanted to try The Cliff, but the restaurant was all booked out. Thankfully we were in a buffet mood, and thoroughly enjoyed the all-u-can-eat at The Terrace. I've never seen my husband eat so many desserts in our 4.5yrs together.

Went back to the room feeling like pigs. A long bath and a movie later, we were snoring peacefully into la-la land...

Next morning - had buffet breakfast where we ate like pigs again (no surprise), then checked out and rushed to our boss' son's girlfriend's parents apartment at Sentosa Cove. They then took us on their boat to Raffles Marina for another day of lazing by the pool (for me) and wakeboarding (for the guys).

What a fantastic way to spend the weekend :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Back to School

Can you imagine me a PE?
How much a signature are they paying me?
If I go through this course, can I pass the exams?
Twice a week, 3 to 4 hrs per night, two months?

Do ya think I can do it?
Why am I scared when I've should know these topics?
C202: Structural Mechanics
C203: Some sort of Hydraulics

Why do I keep hearing the strains of Arun's song?
..didadi didadi didadidadidadi... 202 202 2020202....
Am I afraid of subjecting the brains to a little pressure?
Am I only afraid of failure?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post anniversary - Feedback from the Hubby

When I posted the question of "What did u learn in 2 years" to Stu, this is what he had to say:

5. That it's possible to have a relationship without fighting. (Knew it. Ms Body Beautiful Contest Winner and Ms Turkey were bitches)

4. That there's someone for everyone.

3. That for such a small body, I actually can make a lot of noise at night (While sleeping, that is. Includes snoring, rubbing the nose vigorously, and other miscellaneous sounds from random parts)

2. That I'm as lazy as him. (What!?!?? Who's the one who's been picking up his socks after him??)

1. That his wife is actually a fat person stuck in a skinny body. Which is fast becoming not so skinny. Cos apparently, I eat more than him.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Movie/Book Reviews

Recently I've seen several movies based on books that I've read. Some comments:

- Atonement - read the book years ago. Could not remember much of it, except that it was boring and pointless. Was surprised that someone bothered to make a movie out of it. I wasn't wrong, movie was also boring, even though it was beautifully shot. And even though Keira was a delight to look at, her way of talking in the movie irritated me. I read the book again after watching the movie, convinced I missed something that took away the enjoyment of the acclaimed production, but I still couldn't find any redeeming features.

- P.S. I Love You - bought and read the book only after the movie came out, thinking it must be good. it's actually a simple chick lit, though a little different from other chick lits cos the lead guy is mostly dead. Made me cry about once or twice (which doesn't mean anything cos I can cry at anything). Then I accepted a date to watch the movie, albeit a little reluctantly as I already knew the story. Turns out that they twisted some scenes and facts, added interesting bits, and I ended up crying about 4 or 5 times, and laughed a few times too. Still think Hillary Swank looks like a guy though.

- The Kite Runner - My FAVOURITE! Favourite book, favourite movie. Go watch/ read!

- The Namesake - The movie was good but not fantastic, but I LOVE the book. Author is Jhumpa Lahiri.

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Oohh...March 4th is here again. What have I learnt in the last 2 years of marital bliss?? Here goes the not-so-long list:

5. He's heaps crappier than I am.

4. I still can't force him to do anything he doesn't want to. But he will do it in his own time (like quit smoking!). I wonder when he will eat fruits (next on my to-nag-at-him list)

3. It's easy to be paranoid and jealous and possessive. It takes much much more effort to be kind and understanding to each other, but the rewards are worth it.

2. We can face each other 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and still be ok. It's been 9 months in this situation now. Of cos, we have to have some time apart occasionally (like drinking with Justin for him and gossiping with friends for myself. Oh, and also shopping sprees, pampering sessions at the nail/ hair/ massage parlour, eating sprees, spending the whole day on the pc googling nonsense stuff, online shopping, hmmm should I start a new list...)

...and the No.1 thing I learnt:

1. "I'm not a miracle, and you're not a saint" (from Damien Rice, Amie)
He ain't perfect, and neither am I. He can be a slob, I can be a nutcase, but we're still husband and wife.
Don't expect so much from each other, life is so much sweeter :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My first hand knitted baby blue cardi

Have not sewn on the button on the front yet, might find a blue velvet ribbon instead..

Monday, December 10, 2007

About Nothing

Haven't been blogging cos I have absolutely nothing to blog about. I'm in the office and supposed to be busy. I just signed in to distract myself from the Ho Ho Ho talking to nobody in particular. I mean, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's talking to me, though I don't understand why he should think that, given that I have neither replied him nor looked his way once. Can't he tell that his presence is NOT acknowledged by anyone here? Sorry, that's inaccurate. We all know when he's stepped thru the front door. The irritating voice and the ho ho ho laughter reach us before anything else. Plus he comes in for work a good one hour AFTER everyone does, annoys the shit out of us, disappears for breakfast for another hour, disappears to "site", lunch for at least 3 hrs, come back to office for an hour (talking non-stop about nothing for that one hour) and ends his day at 4pm. What a great life!

I'm not jealous that he's got a great life, really. There's no way I would lead my life like he does, shirking responsibility ("oohh, how can I sign? I'm not responsible you know? I'm only the Resident Engineer, not the responsible person!"), blatant disrespect to colleagues he deem lower class than him ("oooh the bloody receptionist, how dare she talk to me like that? How dare she ask me to sign the form?"), causing trouble for everyone on his 1st day of work, being argumentative to get out of working, refusing to listen to simple commands to get out of working, asking a million unneccesary questions not to understand the work better but to get out of working, probably a maid abuser, skiving not just 10-20% of the time but 99%.....I really wonder how he got to where he is now, how he can even talk himself up ("RE is the KING of the site you know?")

OK. He's gone for his 3 hr lunch break now. I can work again.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Work: Frustrating. Moved to site office a couple of weeks ago. Cannot print, cannot scan, dunno the fax n phone no., cannot get in touch w Pipeline staff cos they were also shifting. No PC for me, had to sneak into PUB's room everyday even though I'd been asked to evacuate. No stationery, piles of papers n shit all over my desk cos I got no files or clips to organise them.

Health: Not v good. Been put on metformin to cure my PCOS problem. Metformin has been making me nauseous and been lao sai-ing nearly 3 times a day for a week now.

Marriage: Been stuck with hubby 24hrs a day for the last 3 month now. Surprisingly still OK, not too annoyed with each other yet. 'Cept for one stupid misunderstanding, it's actually quite fun working together, eating together, going to supermarket together, meeting friends together, going home together, sleeping together...oh dear.

Fun: Hmm...not been catching up with friends as much as I'd like to. V nuah. Must do more sessions like last weekend w Todd. Wasting too much time on facebook doing stupid things. Why issit so addictive? Bought a laptop at Comex yesterday. Compaq V3506 at $1799. Should be part of work (can claim, yeah!) but it's always fun to have a new tech toy.

Shopping: Been hibernating ever since spending too much on one single item from Tskye. Forgot abt GG5 sale, hope it's not ended yet!!!!!!!!