Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post anniversary - Feedback from the Hubby

When I posted the question of "What did u learn in 2 years" to Stu, this is what he had to say:

5. That it's possible to have a relationship without fighting. (Knew it. Ms Body Beautiful Contest Winner and Ms Turkey were bitches)

4. That there's someone for everyone.

3. That for such a small body, I actually can make a lot of noise at night (While sleeping, that is. Includes snoring, rubbing the nose vigorously, and other miscellaneous sounds from random parts)

2. That I'm as lazy as him. (What!?!?? Who's the one who's been picking up his socks after him??)

1. That his wife is actually a fat person stuck in a skinny body. Which is fast becoming not so skinny. Cos apparently, I eat more than him.


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pea said...

haha..u funny la..