Thursday, January 25, 2007


Thankfully, before the stupid movie, hubby and I went to a nice nice restaurant for dinner. Eurolounge is now my fav restaurant in the ulu western subs of Sydney! Suspect the chefs are Malaysians or Singaporeans though (Alex Hau and William Teoh). Don't care, as long as the ambience is posh (preferably candlelit), service immaculate (attentive friendly cute waiters with a sense of humour), menu impressive (using cheem words to describe an otherwise simple dish), food good (hard to describe how good is good, considering what a glutton I am), I'm willing to pay and come back again and again.

For entree, we had the Chef's Tasting Plate for two, which came with oysters au natural, garlic & chilli scallops, prawns w mango coriander salsa, smoked salmon rolled with cream cheese and seeded mustard honey sauce, stuffed mushrooms n asparagus dipped in cheesy sauce in a little cup.

I had the Seared Duck Breast (copied from menu - Duck Breast fillet pan fried served with jus and an orange sauce with a macadamia and chilli cous cous and five spice) as my main while Stu had the Poulet d’ete (Whole roasted baby chicken de-boned and filled with a sweet potato, bread and thyme stuffing served with dutch carrots, snow peas and apple & ginger chutney).

The duck was delicious but a bit too fatty, the macadamia cous cous really yummy. We found out that the chicken actually has a size (5.5), and miraculously deboned yet still looking like a whole chicken. Wish we had room in our tummys for desert, else we wouldn't have left for the movies...

My aim is to find all award winning restaurants in this area and try them all. Ssssslurp.


What a waste of $30.60 (for two). No wonder it's called BABBLE...probably the worst Brad Pitt movie I'd seen. There's guns & drugs, blood and gory, Japanese girls in short skirts, Brad Pitt, nudity, all the key ingredients for a great show.....but I still don't like it. Too slow paced, arty farty and a stupid storyline based on nothing. I paid to be entertained, not bored...fed up.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back from the North

Just came back from a 1-week holiday up the Northern Coasts. Stu and I woke up at 3am on Saturday morning, packed our bags and started the 10-hr drive to Lismore at 5am. Stayed at his friend's place and visited Ballina, Lennox Head, Byron Bay. Many firsts for me this trip - first time sat in a car for 10-hrs straight up, first time seen a skinny dipper, first time jumped into unknown watering hole in the middle of nowhere, first time hit cane toads with a golf club, first time seen a wild koala on a tree just off the road, first time fed cows, first time rode a horse for 2 hours, first time fell off a horse, and first time had a horse roll over me. Well actually the horse slipped and fell, that's why I fell, and I was bloody lucky to just get a bruised thigh and nothing else. Drove another 2 hours to Gold Coast - had the best time there cos I was right in my element with the shopping and good good restaurants. *Aquatichue - Gold Coast is the place to move to if I were you*

Now I have to go back to bed cos I'm down with fever. Will post photos on flickr soon.