Monday, December 10, 2007

About Nothing

Haven't been blogging cos I have absolutely nothing to blog about. I'm in the office and supposed to be busy. I just signed in to distract myself from the Ho Ho Ho talking to nobody in particular. I mean, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's talking to me, though I don't understand why he should think that, given that I have neither replied him nor looked his way once. Can't he tell that his presence is NOT acknowledged by anyone here? Sorry, that's inaccurate. We all know when he's stepped thru the front door. The irritating voice and the ho ho ho laughter reach us before anything else. Plus he comes in for work a good one hour AFTER everyone does, annoys the shit out of us, disappears for breakfast for another hour, disappears to "site", lunch for at least 3 hrs, come back to office for an hour (talking non-stop about nothing for that one hour) and ends his day at 4pm. What a great life!

I'm not jealous that he's got a great life, really. There's no way I would lead my life like he does, shirking responsibility ("oohh, how can I sign? I'm not responsible you know? I'm only the Resident Engineer, not the responsible person!"), blatant disrespect to colleagues he deem lower class than him ("oooh the bloody receptionist, how dare she talk to me like that? How dare she ask me to sign the form?"), causing trouble for everyone on his 1st day of work, being argumentative to get out of working, refusing to listen to simple commands to get out of working, asking a million unneccesary questions not to understand the work better but to get out of working, probably a maid abuser, skiving not just 10-20% of the time but 99%.....I really wonder how he got to where he is now, how he can even talk himself up ("RE is the KING of the site you know?")

OK. He's gone for his 3 hr lunch break now. I can work again.