Monday, April 24, 2006

Public Holidays

I'm so lucky, only been here for a month and been paid for 3 public holidays already. The easter long weekend and today, Anzac Day. Public Holidays are good, got to achieve so many things today. Tidied up the house, vacummed, finally sat down to do my nails, and now on PC "socialising". Stu did the lawns, took out the tables n chairs for BBQ Party on Saturday, did his fishing rod up, and now has gone to the pub with Colby to "socialise".

Last night was good, we had Dana, Nath, and Colby come over for dinner. We served barbecued shark with blanched french beans and Stu's Mash Bake. I wanted to make mashed pumpkin and potatoes, but when I went for a shower, Stu's instincts took over and he turned it into something topped with egg, tomatoes, ham and cheese and ovenbaked. Dessert was warm Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (grilled under the BBQ) with vanilla ice cream and caramel topping.

Anyway, just wanted to show off the dinner we made. My contribution was boiling the french beans, potatoes and pumpkin to perfection. Well done!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


This is the first time in the 7 years of my working life that I do not have to work saturdays. Yipppeeee!!!! There r so many things to do, for example

(10) Fishing up the coast with Colby
(9) A day on the water in Tommy's Dad's fishing boat
(8) Visit Kylie & Debbie in Newcastle and fish off Eddie's wharf.

These 3 items are of course Stu's favourite weekend activities, as they all involve the word 'Fish'. The only thing I like to do with fish is eat them, so I guess it's fantastic when he does catch some. Plus I love the water, and I can read my novels or magazines while he's fiddling with hooks n bait, so no complaints here. It's also good that his love for fishing is genuine, unlike the 2 goons in Brokeback. How I know this is because Stu has fishy magazines, print-outs of fishing boats for sale, and a $1k reel lying about in various corners of the house.

(7) Shopping with Dana
(6) Catch up with Stu and Nathan after shopping
(5) Catch up with unanswered email and gossip with friends on MSN
(4) Catch up on beauty sleep.

Don't ask me why I need to catch up since I sleep at 9pm every night. I just do. The weather here is shiok but can be drying, even with my Loccitane Shea Butter Lotion, my legs still feel papery, scaly, yucky. The beauty sleep is supposed to cure all.

(3) Go for walk or run in the park with Zuzu
(2) Housework & iron work clothes for the week ahead.

Don't really like to do these 2 either. Housework is ok, but I really hate ironing. A walk or run in the park is ok, but not when Zuzu knocks me over in excitement, trampling over me like I'm her toy.

And the Number One thing to do on Weekends in Oz:

(1) Have a huge, lovely breakfast, either home-cooked or from a nice cafe anywhere in Sydney! Salmon on english muffins w hollandaise sauce, bacon w fried eggs and hash browns, or a savoury spinach and feta cheese muffin, which tastes like Popeye's biscuits. With orange juice and latte. Yummy yummy yummy!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Life in Ozzie Land

5.35am - The radio alarm goes off. Stu loves to laze in bed for half an hour, whereas I have to get up, or risk dozing off for another 3 hours. Am getting used to snuggling in for another 15-20min though. This is one of the best things about being married.

6.10am - Have gotten washed & dressed. Make brekky, usually cereal or oats, sometimes muffins with vegemite. Make lunch to bring to work, usually sandwich, or leftovers from dinner.

6.30am - Leave home for work. Sometimes it gets bloody cold and I turn on the heater in the car.

7.00am - Reach the office.

6.00pm - Leave the office. Get into nice Camry. The only time in the day I feel thankful that I've got this job is when I'm in the car. Feel really tired and drained after dealing with the racist, several cocky young studs, questioning directors and mumbling foremen.

6.30pm/ 7pm - Reach home, depending on whether I've been to top up fuel or not. Try and help mother-in-law with dinner. If I feel helpless, I'll go lie down on lounge w hubby n watch some TV. Feed cat. Dump clothes in washing machine if they r overflowing from the basket.

8pm - Dinner can be baked chicken w potatoes n salad, bbq-ed steak or chops w potatoes n salad, chicken or fish w rice n stir fried veg, chunky beef pie w fries, or home-delivered pizza. Mother-in-law forces me to take 4 tablets of Nuskin herbal supplements, which I wash down with Virgin Mary.

8.30pm/ 9pm - Collapse in bed after dinner. Read 5 pages of novel. Fall asleep with the snores of Stu, or the sounds from the TV.....