Thursday, November 17, 2005

My family

I love my family more than anything in the world. (Stu is part of the family now). Seeing any of them upset makes me sad. Seeing all of them upset at the same time breaks my heart. At least last night I was crying over something really important to me and not over some idiotic PUB goons. I hope my brother will always have the guts he showed last night to apologise and explain his actions. And dad...I dunno what to to tell him that he is stubborn and unreasonable and should show more love n concern to his son and wife. Keeping quiet, running away or making stupid hurting remarks are not ways to solve problems (although I'd probably inherited his keeping quiet n running away traits). Did he really understand my bro last night? Would he continue to shout at him unreasonably?

We are one family and should stay as one. We may be weird and not affectionate or whatever, but the underlying thing is we all care for one another and should rememeber that whatever happens.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

About HP

She's known as the bitch, and it's easy to see why. Call me kaypoh, but I'd always wondered why some people turn out this way. Maybe it's her karma. Maybe she's just plain unlucky. Maybe she's not strong enough to fight off situations after situations. Maybe she's just too tired.

What would I be like in her position? Being a single mom, with a mother who vents her frustrations on her all the time, suffering from one failed relationship after another. I would never know as I'm not in the exact circumstances. My mom may be a bit biased but I know she loves me in her own way. I have several failed and traumatic relationships, but I felt that with every failure, I learnt and grew so much that I don't become bitter. I'm not a saint and I've done terrible things. But I would never again do things that I do not want done to me.

Someone should tell her that she's acting exactly like her mom. Venting her frustrations from failed relationships on hapless colleagues and strangers. Sometimes her behaviour turns people off, and when she realises that people are against her, she becomes worse not realising that she caused it in the first place. It's a viscious cycle.

Someone should tell her that she should seek happiness from within herself, and not from guys. I believe she feels that they are the answers to everything, so she goes all out to make the man happy, without first thinking if he is the right one for her. Being wild is one thing, but being labelled as 'loose' is another altogether. Whether she is or not, who would want a long term relationship with a slut? Even if someone is attracted to her, after they get what they want, she can be disposed of. All moms warn their daughters about that, and it's true.

Do I have the guts to tell her all these? If I do it would be after I quit, cos she'll probably hate me for that!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

KK's gone..

I miss KK. Didn't feel the 'pang' until the last moment, when he wailed 'Mei Nu!!!' and gave me a hug. 6 years of fending off stingy bosses, unreasonable colleagues, misbehaving workers and evil stooges together. 6 years of covering each others' asses, doing stuff that we each knew the other disliked. I'll never find a colleague as responsible, funny, and endearing as him.