Sunday, June 18, 2006

More Pics..

Weekend in Cooma & Jindabyne

We drove 4 hrs south of Sydney and landed in Cooma, where Tim lives, and where it snows during winter. I had forgotten the blistering cold when blasts of wind hit you over and over again.That was the first day when we arrived. I had also forgotten what it felt like to play with fluffy fresh powdery snow in the sunshine. That was the second day which was lovely, and hilarious seeing Moopie and Zuzu clowning around, burying their faces in the snow. I refused to go skiing as we had only a day and I didn't want to spend so much on ski hire and torture myself. If I had a week I might have considered. Stu and I played Guess-The-Song on the way back, and he won 9-2 or something ridiculous, then I realised that it's eighties weekend on the radio. Of cos he would have won, I'm a woman of the nineties!