Monday, September 03, 2007


Work: Frustrating. Moved to site office a couple of weeks ago. Cannot print, cannot scan, dunno the fax n phone no., cannot get in touch w Pipeline staff cos they were also shifting. No PC for me, had to sneak into PUB's room everyday even though I'd been asked to evacuate. No stationery, piles of papers n shit all over my desk cos I got no files or clips to organise them.

Health: Not v good. Been put on metformin to cure my PCOS problem. Metformin has been making me nauseous and been lao sai-ing nearly 3 times a day for a week now.

Marriage: Been stuck with hubby 24hrs a day for the last 3 month now. Surprisingly still OK, not too annoyed with each other yet. 'Cept for one stupid misunderstanding, it's actually quite fun working together, eating together, going to supermarket together, meeting friends together, going home together, sleeping together...oh dear.

Fun: Hmm...not been catching up with friends as much as I'd like to. V nuah. Must do more sessions like last weekend w Todd. Wasting too much time on facebook doing stupid things. Why issit so addictive? Bought a laptop at Comex yesterday. Compaq V3506 at $1799. Should be part of work (can claim, yeah!) but it's always fun to have a new tech toy.

Shopping: Been hibernating ever since spending too much on one single item from Tskye. Forgot abt GG5 sale, hope it's not ended yet!!!!!!!!