Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bloody Fitness First

My complaint letter - which they promptly replied and put everything right.

The General Manager

Fitness First Castle Hill

Attention: Nathan


Following numerous recent discussions with Fitness First staff and unresponded complaints to the Fitness First Website, I provide you details of my membership complaint for your urgent attention.

On 27/01/07 I entered a contract with Fitness First at Castle Hill. This decision was entirely based upon representations made by your sales person Mitch. The issues that are in dispute are related to claims made by Mitch that;

The usual rate of $39.99 per fortnight has been reduced to $29.99 per fortnight due to the “open weekend” the club was having at that time, and;
I can access any Fitness First clubs, including overseas ones using my usual membership without additional costs or charges.

The first point was obviously important with the second point convincing me to sign up. Flexibility with the membership was important as I was headed for Singapore in 2 week’s time and intend on utilising at least 2 clubs (Norwest and Castle Hill) in Sydney.

I was very happy with what Mitch had confirmed to me and even persuaded my husband, Stewart Hine, to join so we can work out together. He went to Norwest and signed up on 08/02/07.

On 13/02/07 I made a visit to the Norwest club, for a work out and to get an Overseas Club pass for my Singapore trip from 15/02/07 – 25/02/07. To my surprise I was told that I have the “Home” membership and could not use any clubs other than at Castle Hill. Any differences between “Home” and “Passport” memberships were never explained to me by Castle Hill staff until that time.

Both myself and my husband has spoken to Kelly and Mitch from Castle Hill Club on numerous occasions since 14/02/07. I had requested that I be given the correct membership that I have been sold by Mitch, at $29.99 per fortnight. They have not been able to resolve the mistake in my membership. I had also written twice to the Fitness First website but received no response. Mitch set up an appointment to see me at 11am on 17/3/07. He was not there and did not have the courtesy to cancel our appointment. I was disappointed that this matter has been further delayed, adding to my disappointment.

I hereby request that my membership be converted to what I have been promised at no extra charge within the next 48 hours. This request is made on the basis that information that I relied upon to make my decision to join Fitness First was misleading and did not represent that nature of the membership that I purchased.

If this request cannot be acceded please terminate the contract under clause 15 of your Membership Terms and refund all amounts that have been debited from my account. Should Fitness First again disregard my complaint this matter will be referred to the Consumer Tenancy & Trader Tribunal for determination.

I can be contacted at (02) 9636 0126 during working hours or 0417 619 518 should you wish to discuss this matter further. I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Hui Ching Hine

Membership No: AUS5591246