Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's Big, It's Black, It's..

... just the way we like it - our new Toyota Hilux!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Last week I was the happiest married person in the world. This week I must be the most miserable wife. Pretty sure it's PMS, but there was no way I was gonna admit it.

S: What's wrong?
Me: Nothing
S: What do you mean 'nothing'?
Me: Nothing. ** sulk** Frustrated.
S: What about? Is it that time of the month?
Me: No. Just frustrated.

That silence made me madder. I forgot what I was frustrated about, instead concentrated on fuming over why he couldn't just say something to make me feel better. He could have kept on asking what's wrong (eventually I'd think of something to complain about). He could have proclaimed his undying love for his irritating wife, I don't care, just make it sound sincere.

Me: Why are u so quiet?
S: What do u want me to say?

Now this made me realise he was fed up with me. But saying "What do you want me to say?" was the worst thing he could have said. If I answered 'Nothing', I'd get nothing. If I told him what I wanted him to say (ie. proclaim his undying love for me) and he did exactly that, I wouldn't believe him cos he would only be obliging me. Why must he wait to be asked? If he didn't say anything, that's even worse. I might just sink into depression right away.

Me: Tell me you love me.
S: U know I love u more than anything.
Me: Tell me I'm just being stupid and there's nothing wrong with us.
S: U're just being stupid and there's nothing wrong with us.
Me: U're just repeating after me.
S: U're just repeating after me.

Oh dear... instead of laughing I kept on sulking and he got bored and fell asleep. I was left wide-eyed in the dark analysing my own mental and emotional health. That's 2 hrs of beauty sleep wasted. Now I see what I've written and it hit me - I was picking a fight for no reason and the only thing wrong is how PMS affects the already complex female brain and reduces her to a whining incomprehensible idiot.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Trip to Castle Towers...

Was a bloody waste of time. Or maybe I've just lost my shopping skills. Jialat! What is Sydney doing to me?? Or rather, what is the western suburbs doing to me???? Everything looked drap and boring, even Kookai and Cue. Couldn't justify spending in Esprit either when the T-shirts r only $10 cheaper than in Country Road. The only bra that fits me is a boring beigey-brown CK that's $70, how to buy??? Shoes r even worse, sandals that look made in China cost a bomb or two. Thought there would be many pretty summer dresses to tempt me, but I see nothing. I give up.

Or maybe I can find something online now....hmmm

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Busy Week

It's a wet gloomy saturday morning, Stu's at work and I'm relaxing with a hot chai latte and peanut buttered muffins. The washing machine's working (how to dry those clothes later??), the vacuum's done its round, and the dogs have been given their kongs. So much had happened this past week and I'll try to recount...

1. We went out window shopping last weekend and came back 2 grand poorer. The order's been put in for a beautiful cast iron, sandstone-tiled, 8 seater outdoor dining set. Been looking for an outdoor set for ages, it's one of those things still lacking in this house. Now that summer's arriving, it's the best time to get it. We didn't want the normal aluminium framed ones that everybody has, nor timber ones that need oiling every 2 weeks. Wanted something a little bit unique and finally found it - so unique that we had to choose mismatched chairs as well. The disappointing thing is that we've just been told that the set won't be here till late Dec, which will probably mean mid-Jan judging by Aussie standards.

2. We went to see the lawyer to add my name in the house deed and for re-financing purposes. Turns out that we had to pay another 2 grand for stamp duty (what the hell is stamp duty) on top of all the other re-financing costs. Because of another name, they see it as a new loan. We decided to scrap that idea for now. Am I disappointed? A little, but I can't justify the costs, especially all the other items we weren't told about, having to extend the loan for another 5 years, paying $300 annual fees for the new loan, etc etc etc. We talked about looking into another property for investment, but can we afford it? Stu will write a will, but will it be enough to make me feel like a co-owner? I just want something that belongs to me as well. Put the hilux in my name? But a car is a liability, not an asset...

3. Stu's mom went to the hospital for an angiogram and ended up being diagnosed with a 90% collapsed lung and had to have a major operation on Monday. We've been going to the hospital every night for 7 days now. The first night after the op was the worst, seeing her all grogged out with morphine, wired up, tubes with stuff draining out of her lungs, that was scary. Stu quit smoking that night (but he's now back to it, after 3 days). I might become The Irritating Wife and nag at Stu everyday to quit. Actually I have been doing that, even knowing very well that he has to stop on his own accord.

4. My poor brother rang and told me he's resigned. As if being HP's personal driver and being made to do dirty jobs is not enough, the boss has employed another character exactly the same as HP, who is terrorizing everyone in the company. Actually he's worse than HP. I feel so sorry for them all. This shitty company is really disintegrating. I only hope my bro finds a job quickly, one he enjoys, and preferably make use of his talents.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pi Sai

Pi Sai (pronunciation pee-sa eye)


1. Description - The dirt that collects in the nostril, usually sticking to individual nostril hairs. Can be crusty or sticky according to the weather and/or how fresh it is. Colour varies from whitish to green to black, depending on the level of pollution.

2. Origin - Hokkien - literally "nose shit".