Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Shit Job

Finally had the courage to tell my boss how unhappy I am at work. Told him all the problems I've been facing because of the non-communication between us and his unreasonable expectations of me. His answer was to lower my position, i.e. downgrade me! I really dunno what he imagined that will solve. Luckily, the HR manager spoke to me and told me it is not the company's policy to bring people in and "demote" them...if they do not have the skills required, the company will provide training for him/her to do the job, with the long term view of raising each employee to do more. She was genuinely shocked when I told her that I will resign if I continue to work under him, as his unfair treatment to the 3 asians in the office sickens me.

Felt so good after letting someone know all that...the director spoke to me a few days after the talks, he's put me with another boss now. I was actually smiling when I came home on friday, the first time in five months. Really really hope I get along with this new guy better......sighhh...