Monday, February 27, 2006

My Hen's Nite 25/2/06

Dinner at Shashlik, followed by a night of dancing at Bar None.

First came the sweet invitation from the Chief Organiser, who is also my Chief Bridesmaid. I chose well as Meng has the most MisChief up her sleeves! The Co Organiser Apple arranged the dinner and booked us the table at Bar None. I rallied my cousins, who turned out to be a great hit with the Slut and Bitch.

I wore a veil all night at Bar None. (Meng had searched high and low for it and found it in HK). She got me some penis candy too. I was supposed to approach a guy and have a bet with him..." How many dicks do u think I can suck at one time?" Thank goodness she forgot all about it after we hit the dance floor. I was up on stage, had a little chat with NaNa, and had a guy serenade me with his weird rendition of She Will Be Loved. We had a great laugh, he was so sporting!

And then the part I'm a little bit proud of - I managed to strip 5 guys in total!! Only shirts off, but still got told off by the bouncers. The Slut and Bitch were 2 of them. Another one was the weird singer. The next one I knew was Pablo. And the last guy, I still have no idea who he is.

The best part of the night was Bitch telling everyone how he has known me for more than 10 years, and that he would do anything for me. And then Meng told them we have known each other for 17 years. That is really scary so I asked her to shut up. This is the mushy part - I was so high and happy, and couldnt stop hugging them all. My friends made me feel special. I know they were all happy for me, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. And I know sometime in my friendship with each and everyone of them, I must have done something good to deserve all this.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Photo Shoot 20/2/06

"Mr Handsome, look here, left leg in front, chin down, SMILE!!!!!!!!"

"Beautiful, come here, errr...not like this, I think cannot work...."

This was what we heard the whole day. The photographer (Eric) did not bother to call us by our names. He did not make us laugh. Stu had to tickle me on few occasions. I think the funniest thing that day was Eric calling me "Ching Hui" as the last photo was shot.

Stu and I were creative enough to strike our own poses, but Eric did not like any of them. The poses we had to do were so stiff and uncomfortable and tiring, of cos Eric then proclaimed "Cannot, cannot. Too unnatural." and made us do another.

It was such a boring yet tiring day. I kept yawning and my eyes kept watering. Which means my fake eyelashes kept dropping and Regine, the makeup artist spent ages fixing my face. She was so patient and such a perfectionist, which I admired, and even bought lovely orchids to put in my hair.

For the outdoor shoot, we went to Esplanade and Punggol. Punggol was nice as we got to shoot with the lallang, the rocky beach and yachts in Punggol Marina. Didnt do the wakeboarding shots as planned as we were too tired and just not in the mood.

I think Stu had a worse time than I did with all the waiting. My brother too. I felt really bad for them - my brother had to take leave and yet couldn't video the studio process. He basically wasted half a day with us. He also had to drive his brand new precious car through the sandy lallang patch. Stu had to carry me, squat, run and jump, even though he wasnt feeling well. During one of the poses, he looked into my eyes and said 'I love you'. That was the sweetest moment, and our smiles would have been the most genuine then...

I expected too much from that day as so many couples told me that the photoshoot is the most fun part of the wedding planning! Still hope the photos will turn out well and can't wait to see them.