Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Oohh...March 4th is here again. What have I learnt in the last 2 years of marital bliss?? Here goes the not-so-long list:

5. He's heaps crappier than I am.

4. I still can't force him to do anything he doesn't want to. But he will do it in his own time (like quit smoking!). I wonder when he will eat fruits (next on my to-nag-at-him list)

3. It's easy to be paranoid and jealous and possessive. It takes much much more effort to be kind and understanding to each other, but the rewards are worth it.

2. We can face each other 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and still be ok. It's been 9 months in this situation now. Of cos, we have to have some time apart occasionally (like drinking with Justin for him and gossiping with friends for myself. Oh, and also shopping sprees, pampering sessions at the nail/ hair/ massage parlour, eating sprees, spending the whole day on the pc googling nonsense stuff, online shopping, hmmm should I start a new list...)

...and the No.1 thing I learnt:

1. "I'm not a miracle, and you're not a saint" (from Damien Rice, Amie)
He ain't perfect, and neither am I. He can be a slob, I can be a nutcase, but we're still husband and wife.
Don't expect so much from each other, life is so much sweeter :)


weishan said...

"to be kind and understanding..." so very true...

todd-joo said...

as long as everyone is crappy and try not to be otherwise, the world will be perfect...

it's the crappy people pretending to be perfect that screws things up...