Monday, August 04, 2008

Mini Getaway Weekend

Hubby and I spent the a night at my favourite resort - The Sentosa last saturday. We both thoroughly enjoyed the mini getaway. It started with a stressful drive into Sentosa (always stressful when I try to navigate and Stu doesnt trust a word of what I instruct). Thankfully, the bickering ended the moment we stepped into the hotel lobby. There was no queue in sight (as opposed to Rasa Sentosa where a long queue is always guaranteed), I got checked in even before Stu got the car parked. They put us in a beautiful room at the top level. I got excited with the bathroom and Aveda toiletries, whereas Stu was marvelling at the 42-inch plasma TV.

Took a good half hr before we calmed down and decided we were starving. Decked in my new fire engine red preggie swimming outfit (a set of VERY expensive Seafolly tankini & bikini shorts), we sauntered down to The Terrace. I had hearty cod & chips, Stu had healthy salmon wrap. We alternated lunch with cool dips in the black pool and some weird drinks (I had a Veggie Tornado - a virgin-mary-like drink which came decorated with a fresh prawn).

After lunch and many cool dips later, a buggy brought us to Spa Botanica, where I had a facial so relaxing that I snored while having my face massaged. Stu had an east-weat blend massage and he caught himself snoring 7 times. After our treatments, we lazed around the pool, Stu caught the last rays of the sun while I played with mud. For those who have never been there, they have a mud pool. U can slather yourselves silly with the mud (which smells real nice, I swear), lie in the sun to bake, and wash it all off with the rain shower, leaving your skin smooth and silky and cleansed and rejuvenated.

It's funny how quickly dinner time came round. We wanted to try The Cliff, but the restaurant was all booked out. Thankfully we were in a buffet mood, and thoroughly enjoyed the all-u-can-eat at The Terrace. I've never seen my husband eat so many desserts in our 4.5yrs together.

Went back to the room feeling like pigs. A long bath and a movie later, we were snoring peacefully into la-la land...

Next morning - had buffet breakfast where we ate like pigs again (no surprise), then checked out and rushed to our boss' son's girlfriend's parents apartment at Sentosa Cove. They then took us on their boat to Raffles Marina for another day of lazing by the pool (for me) and wakeboarding (for the guys).

What a fantastic way to spend the weekend :)


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Anonymous said...

Nice weekend, happy to hear from you that you enjoyed every moment of this trip with fun and delightfully.